Be Cool Like Water by Odis Milk

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In order to avoid burn outs one should act like clear and calm water. Just BE natural. You'll transform according to the situation but you'll never change. You're unstoppable yet calm. BE water. Silent as a stone with the potential to crash louder than lightning. Envision clear and cool water. Seek the balance that water maintains. Be cool like water

It All Started with a Body Transformation Challenge


December 12,2016 marked my thirtieth birthday. Twenty nine years of my life had passed and I spent the latter four years in a physical and financial rut. I had been WAITING on things to get better while not doing anything to better my situation. Wait had become a part of every answer I had for how are you going to pull yourself out of this hole. Wait until tomorrow. Wait until I get my check. Wait until winter's over. Wait until I binge watch this series. Wait until I pay this bill.

The wait approach yielded few positive results and a bunch of negative ones. I hadn't gotten anymore handsome, wealthy, youthful or intelligent. Waiting rewarded me with thinning hair, the worst shape I'd been in twelve years and the dissatisfaction of having no idea of what I was going to do with my life.

I felt great! My extended stay at the bottom gave me a clear perception of where I was, how I got there and where I wanted to go. Waiting put me in my predicament so I figured doing the opposite of  would reverse my fortune's trajectory. It was time to take positive action and I knew where to start.

Bodybuilding was the only life enriching activity I excelled in so I decided to start my life transformation with a body transformation. I purchased a gym membership and started reading health, fitness and entrepreneurial articles. The reading led me to a $250,000 body transformation challenge.

The challenge was simple. Contestants had 12 weeks to get in shape and post the results online. At the end of the 12 weeks 7 finalists with the best overall transformations would be chosen. The top male and female finalists would receive a $100,000 each and the five runner-ups would receive $10,000. I was pumped.

The best and worst case scenarios were foolproof. In the best case scenario my physical and financial problems would be handled in a mere 12 weeks. Worst case scenario would just leave me back in shape and looking good in a V-neck again.

Everything started off so well.  I started to regain the confidence and muscle I lost. Looking in the mirror didn't depress me. People started asking me about my workout routine. My body was hard and touch worthy. Random people were liking my online posts. I was on cloud 9, 2017 was mine and then I got injured. 

I suffered a rotator cuff tear towards the middle of the contest and lost the ability to raise my right arm without experiencing excruciating pain. The challenge was over for me. Another was added to my record.

That was different. It was a result of me doing something positive for myself. I was motivated because it had been years since I attempted to do myself a favor. Self improvement was going to be my new habit. The physical transformation was put on hold so I turned my attention to a financial transformation. Free time to search for additional sources of income was scarce due to my workout schedule and full time job. Thanks to my shoulder I had plenty of time to reflect, research and plan.

 I asked Google how to make money from home and the answers looked bleak. I'd asked Google that question before and the answers hadn't changed much. Buy items from garage sales and thrift stores then sale them online. Complete small tasks for people online. Start a blog/website. The internet task market is crowded, boring and I'm usually underqualified for the tasks. I figured my life was to boring to blog about. After getting the same suggestions over and over again  my mood soured. I reflected on the year, looked across the room and saw nearly every person in it staring at their phone. Something in my head clicked. I produced content. There's a market for content and I can produce.

That bodybuilding challenge I lost was content and it got like 6 views! The views came without FB,SC or IG. Quality content, proper advertising and the ability to monetize equals a profitable business. I know now how to advertise, learn, communicate and adapt. Why not give blogging, graphic design, fashion design and web design a try? My path was set and I happily walk it today.

The YouTube, online stores, and social media platforms are up and being worked on. Let's see if I can make something happen. I stopped waiting, took action, did favors for myself, found a path and outgrew my rut and it all started with a 12 week body transformation challenge. - Odis Milk